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What is the CTFO

Fundraising Program?

CTFO is an online health and wellness company offering patented and exclusive products, with a mission to improve people’s lives and overall wellness. The Fundraising Program was created to help Non-Profit Organizations boost their revenue while offering quality products to their members at wholesale pricing. CTFO’s Fundraising Program allows Non-Profit Organizations to build a community of members who enjoy CTFO’s products while earning a portion of each sale.


Fundraising Program?

Any tax-exempt Non-Profit Organization can take advantage of CTFO’s Fundraising Program. To verify eligibility, proof of tax-exemption must be provided after enrollment (i.e. 501c3 Form).

What Are The Benefits?

Each Non-Profit Organization who joins the CTFO Fundraising Program will receive an account with access to a personalized website, free of charge. This website can be shared with anyone who would like to join the community and support the organization. When a purchase is made from the Non-Profit Organization’s website, a portion of each sale will be given to the organization.

Any member who joins the Fundraising Program for their organization will receive wholesale pricing and access to over 80 quality products. When a member places an order, CTFO will process the order and deliver the products directly to the address provided. This alleviates the need for the organization to collect any payments or deliver any products.

The organization will have access to a weekly report, showing all purchases made by their community. Any funds earned will be issued on a weekly basis and can be transferred and deposited at the discretion of the organization.

CTFO offers a 60-day Money Back Guarantee for any products purchased through the Fundraising Program. If a member is unsatisfied with their purchase for any reason, they can simply return their products for a refund. The Non-Profit Organization is not required to manage any transactions from their members; CTFO’s Support Team is happy to manage any customer transactions for you. This is a free opportunity; there is zero cost for a Non-Profit Organization to join CTFO’s Fundraising Program, as well as zero cost to maintain the account.